About Us 

We would be pleased to work with you to introduce you to the solutions available through us in the field of Information Technology. Established in 2010, UNI SOFT CORNER is one of the pioneers in providing I.T. infrastructure and solutions on various platforms. IT Solutions has been patronized by the corporate world since inception. Blending intuition and rigor with ground reality business acumen, I.T. Solutions believes in going beyond the role of a mere solution provider to its clientele. IT Solutions uses technology as a means to empower customers by providing them with user-friendly solutions that enhance their productivity.

You can take the help of I.T. Solutions in solution specification finalization according to your application requirement, country wide installation, and make use of its post sales support.You can get software based solutions for networks, file servers, database servers, web application servers, system management servers, content management, e-security, and a host of other solutions including storage & backup management from one place itself rather than patching up different vendors or integrators.

We also organize the 4 month/week training program for students of B.Tech(CS/IT), BCA, B.Sc.(CS/IT), MCA, M.Sc.(CS/IT). Our trainner give the best quality trainning for students on live projects according to the candidate’s interest.

We Care You

You’ll soon get to know the team and your account manager. We won’t just be there if something goes wrong or if there’s a quick sale in the offering. Because we place so much importance upon our customer service we strive to turn our relationship with you into a true trusted partnership.

Our efficiencies allow us to pass benefits to you

We’re proud that we invest in the best service management technology available and we do it quickly. While we say that technology should be used to achieve organisational success, we also practice what we preach.

We use cutting-edge service technologies behind the scenes, and this puts us at an advantage over our competitors. We can work optimally – with better accuracy and efficiently. Lower running costs for us are passed to you as cost-effectiveness and better service quality.

Easy to Customize

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Honesty and Professionalism

Culture is important to us, our company values aren’t just paper statements. This is a stimulating and fun place to work. Happy and smart people create better service. Like many providers, we recognise that plain speaking is a key element in your decision-making and ensuring that your technology works for you.

Free Support & Updates

78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience. Therefore, good customer support is a must for a growing business. We, however, understand that as your business is starting out, there are so many things to invest in and managing budgets and cost-cutting gets chaotic. Wouldn’t it be nice to get a helpdesk with all the support features you need for free that can also help you scale as you grow? With Freshdesk’s free forever plan, we give you just that - a feature-packed customer support software for unlimited agents, absolutely free!